ConTag won the IBPM Award on IBPM Kongress 2007

January 5, 2007

Today I was informed, that ConTag won the IBPM Award of the IBPM Kongress 2007 in Cologne.

I submitted it under the category of document management systems. If you are interested, come and visit me there (

Again I want to thank Leo Sauermann and Dr. Thomas Roth-Berghofer for supporting me during the developement of ConTag.


ConTag is going to be further developed.

January 2, 2007

I’m going to further develop ConTag during this year. There will be a post of new functionalities soon.

ConTag can be downloaded.

December 15, 2006

Under you may download the sources of ConTag.

ConTag meets Gnowsis

September 26, 2006

Today, I connected ConTag with my running Gnowsis system. Now it’s possible to get personalized concept proposals out of a web site’s content.

I’ going to continue this work until ConTag is a fully integrated part of Gnowsis.

First startup

September 14, 2006

Today I want to publish ConTag, a Tagging System linking the Semantic Desktop with Web 2.0.

ConTag supports users to tag resources (mainly text documents) not only with loosely defined terms but with personal concepts. Therefore it has to be connected to software system, that provides the maintainance of such personal concepts such as Gnowsis for example.

More information about the theories behind ConTag can be found under Related resources ConTag depends on or is aware of may be found under:

To simplify the understanding of ConTag I am going to demonstrate it in the following example:

Concept Proposals

Tag Suggestion

The blue dots in the left frame are defined to be yet existing concepts in a concept aware software system, that are identified to occur in the document in the right frame. (see the definition of a Personal Information Model). The blue tag symbols stand for new concept proposals to occur in the document and to be created under a specific descriptive category or class (the green dots containing a “C”) in underlying system. The green dots with a “+” propose the creation of new categories.

Tag relation Suggestions

ConTag even tries to relate already existing concepts with new found concepts using loosely relationships, to express that both concepts are in some sense related.

If there are any interests or upcoming questions please talk to me and send me an email. (benjamin dot horak at dfki dot de)